Office cleaning – tips for keeping your office tidy

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Office cleaning by a professional company and maintaining cleanness in the workplace are completely different issues . The other task does not require specialized equipment and detergents . Moreover , in accordance with the principles of health and safety , it is the responsibility of every employee.
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Practical tips on how to keep order in the office:

Tidy up your desk, make up specific zones for all your items.
Things you don’t need now, such as additional pens , rulers and pencils put it in a drawer or cabinet.
Dispose of old documents you don’t need any more and are not important any longer.
When sorting out your documents, segregate them into two piles, those to be discarded and those that will be needed and can be stored away.
Sort your documents regularly, this will help you be more organize and more efficient at work.
Dispose of any rubbish from your desk, drawers and cabinets.
Remember to dust surfaces regularly, don’t wait for the cleaners to do that. Avoid breathing in dust and allergens.
Avoid clattering your desk, keep it tidy all the time.
Do not eat at your desk, it’s not healthy. Get a proper break to stimulate your brain, this will make you be more productive.

Tidy and organize your office on regular basis . Clean workplace not only looks good but also improves the comfort of work.

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